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Tom Hanks' Hanx Writer App Demo

Today Tom Hanks' new typewriter app shots to the top of the app store. Launched last week, Hanx Writer turns your iPad into an old-fashioned typewriter, offering a pseudo-analog typing experience...

Hanx Writer Lets You Use a Typewriter

Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone discuss Hanx Writer by Tom Hanks and Hitcents.com. Hanx Writer is a free app for your iPhone or iPad that lets you relive the nostalgia of the manual type writer....

Hanx Writer para iPad | Review de la App de Tom Hanks

Hanx Writer es una encantadora aplicación de escritura al estilo máquina de escribir ofreciéndonos una experiencia de escritura impresionante. INFORMACIÓN SOBRE EL JUEGO ☉ Juego : Hanx...

App of the Day: The Amazing Type-Writer

Will has some serious doubts about an iPhone app that takes typing efficiency back to 1950.

Review: Hanx Writer App for iPad

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Hanx Writer iPad App (from Tom hanks)

This is a look at Tom Hank's new iPad app called the Hanx Writer. It is a typewriter emulator which is excellent.

Tech Talk: Frontback app

This photo app takes pictures with the front and back cameras at the same time, and combines them into a single image.

App World - Type Machine

Type Machine for Android saves everything you type on your phone. Take for instance --- youʼre in the middle of typing up an important email and the app crashes. Type Machineʼs auto-backup...

typewriter app

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Hanx Writer, first session

First session using Tom Hanks' "Hanx Writer" iPad app.

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